Thursday, February 24, 2011


I am only a product pusher in the professional arena. Home and the internet are for sleeping and people Dancing Alone to Pony. However, when I grow really attached to a certain object, food, band, breed of cat, brand of band-aid, flavor of toothpaste, texture of throw pillow, etc., all I want to do is recommend the crap out of it. And because I am a fickle consumer, it takes a lot for me to want to share my loyalty with others. So here, categorized by category, are my recommendations for life.

Facial Moisturizer - Eucerin Everyday Protective Face Lotion
If you’re like me, your face turns into a torturous mask of dry, crackly skin within seconds of washing. But you can’t not wash your face because, if you’re like me, you also have the epidermis of a 14-year-old boy, and your stipple drawing of forehead zits is the only thing still getting you carded. When you basically have the worst skin on earth, even worse than animals with poisonous skin, balance is imperative. I accidentally stole this facial moisturizer from my younger brother when packing to return to Omaha after a trip home. I made a halfhearted offer to mail it back, all the while slathering it on my face every morning and night like a goon. A goon with slightly happier skin. Recommend!

Breakfast – Kashi Instant Hot Cereal (Truly Vanilla)

Loyal readers will know that I have, in the past, struggled with breakfast. Growing up, my sister loved oatmeal to the point of sitting on the kitchen floor, eating handfuls of dry Quaker Oats like it was going out of style… and also like it tasted good. I’m more of a milk and cereal person, or a bacon person, or a breakfast burrito person. Any kind of person except an oatmeal person. But in an effort to consume more fiber, I forced myself to give it a second chance. Trial and error and dozens of half-eaten boxes of instant oatmeal led me to Kashi’s Truly Vanilla Hot Cereal. The key is to add half as much water as the box instructs, and also to put things in it. I add frozen blueberries, but you could add M&Ms or red pepper flakes. Just make it your own. Recommend!

Clothing: What H&M is selling right now
We don’t have an H&M in Omaha, which is good because I don’t have to deal with the constant disappointment of strolling by the store window, hoping for something wonderfully cheap and brilliantly wearable, only to find a bunch of bald mannequins wearing crocheted prom dresses and neon yellow Fresh Prince hats. But I recently had the chance to peruse the current merchandise, and now! Right now, their clothes are awesome. Think Madewell meets a normal person’s salary. More navy stripes than a fleet of old timey sailors. Recommend!

Almonds: Blue Diamond Wasabi & Soy Sauce Almonds
These things have enough sodium to dehydrate a dinosaur and kill all the slugs in Nebraska, but they’re delicious. Like a small, crunchy dragon roll. Recommend!

Mascara - Maybelline "Falsies"

I have this one eyelash that I discovered a few days ago. It's about half a lash length longer than its comrades. Normally, if you found an abnormally long hair on your arm, you'd yank it immediately, hoping no one had noticed it, and put it in a ziplock bag in case a museum comes calling or your grandchildren want to see it someday. But an abnormally long eyelash is a whole different ballgame. Brooke Shields uses pharmaceuticals to get longer lashes, so I should probably keep the one that grew naturally. The point of this story is that Maybelline's Falsies mascara helps all of my other lashes catch up to that one really long one. And therefore I am less of a freak. Recommend!

Image-based blogs
I’m a sucker for collages of captivating pictures – shoes, jewelry, close-up shots of sandwiches, etc. These are a few of my current favorites.
Miss Moss
Tomboy Style
Cup of Jo


Michaela said...

Woo! Thanks, yet again, for another great read. I am inspired to try the Kashi hot cereal. I've seen it around, but pass it up for cheaper generic oatmeal packets. And like you, I never finish the box... the packets just end up sitting at the bottom of my desk drawer.

And thanks for torturing me with the H&M update. My urge to buy cheap, worthless crap has swelled. I'll be at Forever 21 if you need me.

cooking Hearts said...

dear catherine,
your blog makes me so happy. some of the best saturday morning reading ever.
heart Lylee

Catherine said...

Mich - I'll give you a free packet, just in case you think it's gross. As for the cheap clothing issue, I have to say, nothing I've ever gotten from H&M has fallen apart as quickly and predictably as Forever 21. But it's cheap nonetheless, and will probably be used as a dish towel within a year from now. But a shirt! For the price of a box of Pop Tarts! Can't beat it.

Thanks, Lylee! Just started following yours! Better late than never. I love those bibs - maybe I'll get one for Matt :) It's very Vermontish here in Nebraska this morning - hope all is well!

Gretchen said...

I've never seen Tomboy Style before, and now I'm obsessed with it. Do you know about/like The Sartorialist? They remind me of each other.

Catherine said...

Yes! That's a great one! I hadn't visited it in a while. I love the ultra-dapper old men.

Lady said...

I would like to request a creative writing post - like a story - mostly because I'm sitting in finance class eating Starburst and wishing I had a new post to read. Maybe you could write some fiction about Starburst! How they were founded? Are ghosts involved? Or the Ingalls sister? I sure hope so.


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