Saturday, January 16, 2010

Recommendations of the citrus variety.

Clementines - You can eat upwards of three in a day and avoid the aching guilt that comes from eating three Pop Tarts in a minute, not that I have ever done that.

The Trapeze Swinger by Iron & Wine - I'm well aware that this song is fairly old. Apparently it's on the "In Good Company" soundtrack, which means it dates back to around the time Topher Grace was still a household name (although he'll always be a household name in our household). I've never been one to stand perched on the cutting edge of anything. I was like 23 by the time I saw "The Cutting Edge." But in my humble and belated opinion, this song is beautiful. If I were planning my funeral and wanted to make people sit through a seven-minute montage featuring pictures of me when I was young and alive and wore over-sized Animaniacs t-shirts, I'd ask for this song to be played (right after the mimes hand out communion).

The Hurt Locker - Not going to launch into a review here. An amazing movie. For a few days after we watched it, I kept mistaking piles of my own crumpled gym clothes for IEDs.

Bloody Mary's - I had one at Applebee's last night that was pretty sub par (for those of you who live outside of Omaha, Applebee's is a restaurant we have here). But I had one at Wheatfield's this morning that wasn't half bad. Either way, I fulfilled yesterday's dream of drinking one within the next 12 to 24 hours.

And last, but not least, Conversations with Walgreens Service Clerks. I had a really good conversation with the girl working at Walgreens this morning. It sort of set the town for an all-around decent day (I shouldn't get ahead of myself since it's only 3:40). But if you have the opportunity, go for it. Even if it means buying another extension cord or getting next year's Christmas cards made.


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