Monday, January 03, 2011

The year I saw Italy and Oklahoma for the first time

Goodbye, 2010. You were a good year (on par with 2009, and so, so much better than 2008). But the champagne has been swallowed and the resolutions made, and now it’s time to usher in 2011 with all the ambition that can be mustered from the comfort of my couch. While Matt’s resolution is singular but lofty [he borrowed P90X from a friend when we were in Minnesota for New Year’s Eve, and last night I caught him carefully examining the 90-day calendar. “On day one, you take the ‘before’ picture of yourself – the one where you look sad, pale and hopelessly out of shape,” he said. “And on day 90, you take the ‘after’ picture – and you also achieve success.” I looked at the calendar, and the word “success” was actually written on day 90. Although I have to say, for all the people I know who’ve made it through day one, and maybe even through day 23, I don’t know anyone who’s gotten to day 90 – with all its tanned, muscular “after” pictures and success and promises of infomercial stardom.]

Anyway, on the flipside of that singular but lofty goal is a smattering of smaller, not-unachievable goals that I’ve set for myself, most of which could actually be accomplished during the month of January. They are as follows:

1. Take Matt’s day one picture, preferably in bad lighting to enhance the before-ness.

2. Try P90X for 90 seconds before stomping away (dramatically, in the direction of the nearest refrigerator).

3. Go to spinning class once or twice a week (on Mondays and Wednesdays, when the music is good, as opposed to Saturdays, when the instructor thinks he’s in a reimagining of Full Metal Jacket starring a room full of bikes).

4. Tell people I go to spinning class three times a week.

5. Buy yoga gloves, as my sweaty hands have become an impediment in achieving Zen.

6. Go to yoga.

7. Save more (money, specifically).

8. Cook more.

9. Read more.

10. See our families more.

11. Write more. A wise Biers told me this weekend that more people would read my blog if I wrote with any semblance of a routine. And I suppose he’s right. So my goal is to post at least twice a week, hopefully more. I’d go so far as to name specific days (like, I will always blog on Tuesdays and Thursdays), but I’m afraid I will end up rebelling against the self-inflicted structure and not blog at all. Which would defeat the purpose of this resolution.

What are your resolutions? Don’t leave me hanging! My twelfth resolution is to encourage more comments.

And finally,
2010: A Photo Retrospective, beginning with a New Year's Eve 2009 midnight kiss

Addendum: After spending nearly two hours looking through photos, I can confidently say that 2010 was a really, really good year. Don't let me down, 2011. As half-baked as they may be, I've got plans for you.


Michaela said...

2010 was a good year. I specifically enjoyed the summer time of that year. (Which isn't a surprise since I usually enjoy summer time of every year). Looking back on your pictures makes me miss all of that stuff...

My resolutions: Binge drink less. Floss more. Eat less after dinner (i.e. don't stuff an entire slice of cake into my mouth while standing over the sink at 11:30pm). Travel more. Watch more movies. Wake up earlier. Take a multi-vitamin every day.

Lady said...

My face is on your blog! My face is on your blog!!!

Cortney said...

2010 was amaze-balls! I toally agree it was wayyyy better then 2008! And I too have big plans for 2011!
My resolutions: save more, shop less, travel out of the country, run a half marathon, and start cutting "dead wood" from my life!

also to Mich, is it wrong to stuff entire slices of cake in your mouth at 11:30??? If it is I don't wana be right!

Ashley Hasty said...

My name is Ashley, I'm the girl behind the blog A Hasty Life. I just started the well-known 30 for 30 fashion challenge. I chose 30 articles of clothing to wear for 30 days (including shoes!) I would love for you to bop on over to my blog and check it out!

<3 Ashley


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