Thursday, January 13, 2011

Because I promised I would.

The pressure of two posts a week is already getting to me.

There is a hamburger documentary on the Travel Channel. Also, we're heading to St. Louis tomorrow night for Christmas in mid-January, and I need to pack. My mom left the tree up for us, so my hope is that we get there before the very last needle comes crashing to the hardwood floor.

While I stuff Christmas gifts, dirty laundry and dryer sheets into some sort of airport-approved trash bag/trash can, here is an amalgam of links I've collected over the past week. Things I've found funny, or at the very least worthy of wasting a little bit of time.

Do you dislike Gwyneth Paltrow? She seems to be pretty polarizing. And while I don't have a real opinion either way, her most recent blog post deserved some sort of response, and Videogum delivered.

Kanye West's video for his Monster single is controversial. This is not that video. This is better. [I couldn't embed the clean version, FYI]

I love this poster.

And finally, listen to this when you have a chance. If you've seen the movie, it'll make you like it even more, and if you haven't seen it, you'll want to... after listening to this... so... yes.
Coen Brothers on Fresh Air

Have a good weekend!


Ellen (aka Ditty) said...

For the record (and to keep you motivated)...i love reading your blog. You are such a funny and talented writer. Please keep it up. I spend a lot of time "couch bound" (aka nursing a baby) these days and your blog is a highlight. Please take that as a compliment, i would read your blog even if i wasn't confined to a couch!! Cheers to 2 a week!! Yay!!

SkyHarvester said...
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Catherine said...

Thanks Ellen! You made my day. Seriously, knowing friends like you are reading keeps me motivated. Two a week starting next week! I think this week is already a lost cause.

Can't wait to meet that adorable baby! You need to add "mom" to your blogger bio :)


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