Tuesday, January 27, 2009

I think everyone has a Normal and an OK, Now You're Being Crazy internet threshold. Checking your e-mail is normal. But Googling holistic remedies for cat eczema or the location of Robert De Niro's summer home or the calorie content of a medium-sized apple or the middle name of Kurt Cameron's youngest child? OK, now you're being crazy. I always try to stop myself before the latter occurs, but I am rarely successful.

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You can call me Lauren said...

Or like reading the entire history of semi-socialite, Olivia Palmero. Who, by chance, was involved in a huge social scandle intitled 'The Palmero Letter' circa 2007. Fantastic. And then researching the boarding schools she attended to add to my 'potential boarding schools to send my unborn children to' list.

Also, I love you.


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