Thursday, March 12, 2009

There exists a man who has, for all intents and purposes, stolen my schedule and whereabouts. Or maybe I have stolen his, depending on who set out on this particular segment of life first. He lives two buildings down from me on Roscoe, and on certain mornings, we leave our apartments at the same time. We walk to the bus stop, although I'm usually about twenty feet behind him since his building is about twenty feet closer to the bus stop. We ride the same bus; today I got on first because I am a lady. We work in the same building, which means we exit the bus at approximately the same time (depending on how crowded it is). We get in the same bank of elevators (there are three to choose from). And today, we got in the same individual elevator. Never before has this happened, but it allowed me to pinpoint the exact place our parallel lives diverge: he works on the sixth floor, and I work five floors above, on the 11th. I'm not sure what he does for a living because the sixth floor is one of those plain-label floors with no signs or distinguishing characteristics. Right now, I'm feeling a bit possesive of my weekdays, my block, my buildings. And while nothing else is adjustible at this point in time, I may start taking a different bus.


You can call me Lauren said...


Why don't you capture him, wrap him in neckties and lock him in your laundry room with a rubber band for me to date. That boy could potentially be my future husband. However, the potential he likes girls is unlikely since we live in the neighborhood we live in and I still have lady parts.

Catherine said...

Yeah, I'm pretty sure he wouldn't be interested. Unless you want a loveless marriage, confused children and fresh flowers every day.


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